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If you have been a victim of the data recovery scams operated by Fields Associates Ltd and their members and partners unfortunately you are not alone.

Fields Data Recovery Specialists are part of a global scam which defrauds consumers and businesses on an industrial scale. With thousands of complaints and trading standards service requests and even police escorted trading standards enforcement visits to their Bridgend offices they are one of the most financially powerful data recovery operations in the UK.

This financial stability for a scam is achieved with financial assistance from Welsh Government grant money support in the suicide capital of the UK.

Many of the jobs created are actually in Thailand through employees in Fields Analytics Co Ltd Chaing Mai.

The Money scammed from consumers and businesses has enabled £millions to be shipped to their founders including DR Daryl Hamilton Wallis the multi millionaire investor behind "Britcoin".

The Fields Group Tracklist

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    829 Traiding Standard Complaints
  • chevron-right
    65 Service Requests
  • chevron-right
    20 Enforcement Visits
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    Full Time Complaints Department
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    Fake Reviews, Fake Accreditations
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    Mis-Direction of Evidence
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    Fake "Forensic Data Recovery" Reports
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    Sector Domination eWarfare PPC

If you would like to learn more about the Fields Data Recovery scam please visit

DISCLAIMER: The data recovery professionals website is now owned by Andy Butler of R3 Data Recovery Ltd... Andy has helped hundreds of businesses and consumers affected by the Fields Group. Andy was wrongly accused of posting online and was a victim of Fields Group directors who targeted his company for sector domination / eWarfare using the comparedatarecovery website. Comparedatarecovery website was also removed after it was proven to be a Fields Group scam.. The domain now forward to the Data Recovery Blog which was run by Rowland Ferraro.

Rowland was served the HCI by Fields Group and subsequently the HCI was dismissed and Fields Group paid out of court damages of £70,000 and estimated court and legal fees of £250,000 in their attempt to cover up their scams.